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Any weapon that can restrain or harm you can also kill you if the intensification level is set to a higher degree than the non lethal level. Microwaves and lasers are no exceptions. The so called "humanitarian" non lethal laser that would merely blind an adversary not killing him could also give you the results seen below if such a device was merely amplified to a higher setting. This photo shows an Iraqi soldiers face burned beyond recognition, yet with no visible scorching upon his uniform which clearly is the fingerprints of a microwave device. Because this picture was taken during the Desert Storm "operation" (war), it is evident that there were more reasons for Saddam's quick defeat than we were told. Perhaps our government lead by George Bush senior, that was trying to bring us into a NEW WORLD ORDER was testing the arsenal of the "beast" on the Iraqies? Laser weapons fired from satellites in space qualifies as "fire from heaven" in my book (Rev.13:13) aand no doubt is one of the main reasons why the whole world asks the question "Who can make war with the beast?" (Rev.13:4)


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Click on the dragon and then in the SEARCH BOX at Janes webpage type in the word LASER. You will learn that they are throwing a lot of money into the subject....
100% JMR 23/07/98 - Team SBL wins million space laser contract