Subliminal Sound Waves
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Have Doubts That Mind-Altering Radio Waves Work?

Russian Machine That Tranquilizes People
Associated Press (82/83)
(See also a statement by Dr. Eldon Byrd below)
See also U.S. government corroboration of the Russian psychotronics program in general at:
Supporting documents on Russian psychotronic research , an article on the life and work of Dr. Ross Adey

Associated Press
(Exact date not shown on copy but tests took place 1982/83)
Loma Linda
San Bernardino County

A Soviet device that bombards brains with low-frequency
[Eleanor White's note: More likely microwave carrier which
is modulated or pulsed at brain-rhythm frequencies]
radio waves may be a replacement for tranquilizers and their
unwanted side effects, says a researcher, but it's use on
humans poses ethical and political questions.

The machine, known as the LIDA, is on loan to the Jerry L.
Pettis Memorial Veterans Hospital through a medical exchange
program between the Soviet Union and the United States.

Hospital researchers have found in changes behaviour in

"It looks as though instead of taking a valium when you want
to relax yourself it would be possible to achieve a similar
result, probably in a safer way, by the use of a radio field
that will relax you" said Dr. Ross Adey, chief of research
at the hospital.

[Missing one line on the photocopy] ... manual shows it
being used on a human in a clinical setting, Adey said.
The manual says it is a "distant pulse treating apparatus"
for psychological problems, including sleeplessness, hyper-
tension and neurotic disturbances.

The device has not been approved for use with humans in this
country, although the Russians have done so since at least
1960, Adey Said.

Low frequency [E.W. probably low pulse rate microwave] radio
waves simulate the brain's own electromagnetic current and
produce a trance-like state.

Adey said he put a cat in a box and turned on the LIDA.

"Within a matter of two or three minutes it is sitting there
very quietly ... it stays almost as though it were transfixed"
he said.

Tho hospital's experiment with the machine has been underway
for three months and should be completed within a year,
Adey said.

Eleanor White's comments (Dr. Byrd's statement follows):
1. Heavy "fatigue attacks" are a very common experience among involuntary neuro-electromagnetic experimentees. The LIDA device could, right out of the box, be used as a fatigue attack weapon, FROM HIDING, thru non- or semi-conductive walls.
2. If the LIDA machine is tuned for tranquilizing effect, then it can also be tuned for "force awake" and other effects too. This device is a psychotronic weapon, AS IS. A TV documentary stated the Russian medical establishment considers this 1980s device obsolete. (Wonder what has taken it's place?)

Below is a statement from Dr. Eldon Byrd, U.S. psychotronic
researcher who funded Dr. Adey's work with the LIDA machine:

"The LIDA machine was made in the 1950's by the Soviets. The CIA
purchased one through a Canadian front for Dr. Ross Adey, but
didn't give him any funds to evaluate it.

"I provided those funds from my project in 1981, and he determined
that the LIDA would put rabbits into a stupor at a distance and
make cats go into REM.

"The Soviets included a picture with the device that showed an
entire auditorium full of people asleep with the LIDA on the
podium. The LIDA put out an electric field, a magnetic field,
light, heat, and sound (of course light and heat are
electromagnetic waves, but at a much higher frequency than the low
frequencies of the electric and magnetic fields mentioned above).

"The purported purpose of the LIDA was for medical treatments;
however, the North Koreans used it as a brain washing device
during the Korean War. The big question is: what did they do
with the technology? It could have been improved and/or made
smaller. It is unlikely that they abandoned something that

"Direct communication with Ross Adey: While he was testing the
LIDA 4, an electrician was walking by and asked him where he got
the "North Korean brain washing machine". Ross told him that is
was a Russian medical device.

"The guy said he had been brain-washed by a device like that when
he was in a POW camp. They placed the vertical plates alongside
his head and read questions and answers to him. He said he felt
like he was in a dream. Later when the Red Cross came and asked
questions, he responded with what had been read to him while under
the influence of the device. He said he seemed to have no control
over the answers.

"The LIDA is PATENTED IN THE US. Why? They are not sold in the
US--the only one I know that exists is the one that was at Loma
Linda Medical Center where Adey used to work. Eldon"

LIDA patent <3773049.htm>, U.S. #3,773,049

Involuntary neuro-experimentation activist Cheryl Welsh, Davis CA,
sent in this clipping from an article by Dr. Ross Adey but without
complete bibliographic references:

"Soviet investigators have also developed a therapeutic device
utilizing low frequency square wave modulation of a radiofrequency
field. This instrument known as the Lida was developed by L.
Rabichev and his colleagues in Soviet Armenia, and is designed for
"the treatment of neuropsychic and somatic disorders, such as
neuroses, psychoses, insomnia, hypertension, stammering, bronchia
asthma, and asthenic and reactive disturbances".

It is covered by U.S. Patent # 3,773,049. In addition to the
pulsed RF field, the device also delivers pulsed light, pulsed
sound, and pulsed heat. Each stimulus train can be independently
adjusted in intensity and frequency.

The radiofrequency field has a nominal carrier frequency of 40 MHz
and a maximum output of approximately 40 Watts. The E- field is
applied to the patient on the sides of the neck through two disc
electrodes approximately 10 cm in diameter. The electrodes are
located at a distance of 2-4 cm from the skin.

Optimal repetition frequencies are said to lie in the range from 40
to 80 pulses per minute. Pulse duration is typically 0.2 sec. In
an 8 year trial period, the instrument was tested on 740 patients,
including adults and children. Postivive therapeutic effects were
claimed in more..." can't read the rest. Cheryl