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Electronic Hypnotic States also known as Mind Control

Mind Control Links

Electronic manipulation via Cyclotron Ion waves

Cyclotron info is technospeak (John Hopkins University)
SKIP THIS unless you think they are not researching ELF waves.

1983 discussion on electromagnetic mind control possibilities You can understand this real good!
Good information phrased in terms easily understood by all.

Parallel Wave Theory Technospeak
Skip this link unless you just need verification that the ELF Wave field is a hot topic of interest in the mainstream scientific community.

More good info EXCEPT....
...except the HAARP Project WILL NOT stop Jesus Christ, as stated on that site...........
Isaiah 54:17 Suggest you check this one out.

An illuminated source? Real good si-fi story....Or is it si-fi ?
**Associates with access to to the FYEO page see note 013 Link**
Don't let this "far out" stuff disuade you that the other solid links are not factual.....

Check this one for sure if interested in mind control
7 year old information, reads like tomorrows si-fi story, yet fact long ago.
Youth Action News info.Strongly suggest that you go check this!

Still another mind control link
List of a whole slew of reference books that you serious researchers will want tp peruse, otherwise skip this.

Electrosmog Detector?
Wanna buy an "Electrosmog" detector? Site also gives advice on minimizing ill side effects of electromagnetic waves.

Perverse Retrograde Hacker Site
This is a renegade hacker site that contains uncouth and x-rated type information, although no porn pictures so even the self righteous types should be able to get thru it, picking out the scientific info and disregarding the uncouthness found there. Most folks probably would assume the webmaster of that site to be a raving lunitic, but in view of the information you you now know by checking all this out, you know that such is not the case.... preverse? Sure.....crazy? No way!
After you digest the ELECTROSTIM data, file it away in your brain somewhere, I have more info concerning that subject, which will tie in with the CULT OF IMMORTALITY, and therefore to the RAELIAN CULT of infamous CLONAID Connection that seeks to gain eternal life via the testube!

BROTHER JOHNS SITE a very good source on ELF Waves!

MKULTRA DOC_______________________________________________________________________________________BEGIN


MKULTRA and LSD - (YEAR IS 1953!)

This June 1953 document records Dr. Sidney Gottlieb's approval of an early CIA acid test.
"This project will include a continuation of a study of the biochemical, neurophysiological,
sociological, and clinical psychiatric aspects of L.S.D.," the CIA scientist writes.

DRAFT - [deleted] 9 June 1953

SUBJECT: Project MKULTRA, Subproject 8

1. Subproject 8 is being set up as a means to continue the present work in the general field of L.S.D. at [deleted] until 11
September 1954.
2. This project will include a continuation of a study of the biochemical, neurophysiological, sociological, and clinical
psychiatric aspects of L.S.D., and also a study of L.S.D. antagonists and drugs related to L.S.D., such as L.A.E. A
detailed proposal is attached. The principle investigators will continue to be [deleted] all or [deleted].
3. The estimated budget of the project at [deleted] is ,500.00. The [deleted] will serve as a cut-out and cover the
project for this project and will furnish the above funds to the [deleted] as a philanthropic grant for medical research. A
service charge of .00 (2% of the estimated) is to be paid to the [deleted] for this service.
4. Thus the total charges for this project will not exceed , 290.00 for a period ending September 11, 1954.

5. [deleted] (Director of the hospital) are cleared through TOP SECRET and are aware of the true purpose of the project.

Chemical Division/TSS


[signature of Sidney Gottlieb]
Chief, Chemical Division/TSS
MK ULTRA DOC_____________________________________________________________________END

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