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The Pale Horse described in Revelation is actually translated from a word that means GREEN. And it is the Ekkofreaks, and the radical environmentialists, along with the support of the alphabet soup agencies, especially B.L.M. that are bringing in impossible conditions upon the general population that will eventually usshur in the New World Order (of antichrist)!

Of course all of this activity is the work of the that old Serpent, the great Dragon.......


The picture to the right was taken of a local protestor from the Klamath Basin area when the government shut off all of the peoples water. Right now, in the Klamath Basin of Oregon, the Federal Government has mandated that over fourteen hundred farming families not get ANY irrigation water. These families depend on that water for their very
livelihood and way of life. They are American food growers with a tradition that extends back to the founding of this nation. They also have the water rights to this irrigation water. But, the Department of Agriculture, in a frivolous effort to supposedly protect the sucker fish now residing in the lake that was built for the purpose of irrigation, has mandated to the Bureau of Reclamation that the people should get no water in favor of the fish.
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to sign petition to give
the farmers water

The backbone of
our country is
being broken by
those pushing for
a New World Order!
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The above Photo is the Klamath area before the feds shut off the water... The photo underneath is as it is today WITHOUT the water that the feds refuse to give to those farmers.


1400 Families persecuted
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Click on the cartoon, then wonder if maybee these PRIVATE INSURERS mentioned as USDA approved for relief to the farmers might not being pulling off a sophisticated Al Capone type extortion racket? Is it possible that not enough farmers were paying them for protection? Could our current U.S. government be influenced by one of the richest sectors of our country (The insurance racket) to perhaps teach a few self sustaining farmers that were self relient enough NOT to PAY FOR PROTECTION (buy insurance)that they should of antied up?

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A LETTER RECIEVED TODAY VIA A MAIL LIST, which best expresses the opinions of many of us that are against the "New World Order"

Community Acts Honorably Toward the Brutish

BOB'S NOTE: Well, they haven't started shooting feds yet
but they are giving the feds a taste of their own modus-
operandi - at Mount Carmel (Waco) the feds shut off the
water, telephone and electricity and then waged
psychological warfare- at Roby, Illinois (Shirley Ann Allen)
they shut off the water, gas, electricity and food.

And now the GREAT folks of Klamath Falls are turning the

Saturday the feds stayed in the cage with no food, no water,
and no port-a-pottie. The feds did call for a port-a-pottie
but was refused by the port-a-pottie people in short. All
Saturday the people played America the Beautiful, along with
other similar music for the feds. The people also showed
the feds political shows on a television connected to a VCR
all day Saturday. After spending a very uncomfortable night
all but 2 of the feds left.

On the other hand the remaining 7 feds had to leave the area
to find food, drinks, and lodging as the business people of
Klamath Falls refused to serve them any of the above.

Ladies and Gentlemen of Klamath Falls and area, I stand
proudly at attention and render my finest hand-salute to
you. (with tears of joy in my eyes). You are my type of
Americans. Starve the feds - turn your backs on the fed

Perhaps when things get worse than they are now, your
patriotism and community spirit will turn to righteous anger

As you sit there with your symbolic propane pump running,
ask yourself the important question "What are the feds doing
in the Sovereign State of Oregon in the first place?" The
Constitution of the United States of America spells out
three, YES, ONLY THREE federal crimes; counterfeiting,
treason and piracy. Of which are you folks suspected?
"None!" you say. Then why even permit the feds in YOUR
SOVEREIGN STATE. They only have jurisdiction in the 10
miles square of the District of Columbia and our possessions
and territories. As my friend Reinhold says "Advance, They
Will Flee"..........

Please don't forget that the feds also shot and killed
innocent citizens at Waco and Ruby Ridge and tried to kill
Shirley Allen at Roby.

Respectfully Submitted,
Bob Worn, Major-USAF (Retired)
Pritchett, Texas

While the Ekkofreaks and other government do-gooders are so worried about some bottom sucking scavenger fish becoming extinct, their foolishness causes untold suffering to other (better) wildlife that they claim to protect! Just look at this poor deer that is starving (along with the farmers) and explain all this ecology nonsence to me, if you can.
Lets face it. The Ekkofreaks don't give a damn about their cause, except for where it steals our property, steals our rights, and subjects the population to poverty so that they can all be merged into one grand dictatorship, called by them the New World Order!
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Picture of a farmers barn from the Klamath area.
Suppose junior has been given the job his father was so interested in?
i.e. Quoting the bushman senior
"now we have a real chance at a NEW WORLD ORDER!"
I'm convinced!