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For those of us that have become wary of alternative news sources by reason of the oft found fantasies encumbered there, perhaps the time magazine article (click to right) would be beneficial to increase understanding of this issue. An excellant article (as far as it goes) but it is by what they DO NOT MENTION, that it suggests that they desire to manipulate your mind toward the event that you accept the coming microchip implants, known to us Christians as THE MARK OF THE BEAST!Therefore it is suggested that you check the other information contained here as well, that you may open your eyes to the astounding fact that you shall witness many people selling their soul to the Dragon, merely for the benefit of buying and selling in the New World Order being promoted even today by our elected leaders pretending to be Christian, yet in allegience to the Dragon!

Click on "Cyborg" for more on that.
The microchip shall do more that merely afford economic activity, ovbiously the people accepting it surrender control of their soul unto another... Heh, do YOU trust the Dragon that much?

Clicking Icon to the right gives you the knowledge that many intellectual people in high places are very interested in this microchip implant idea! The masters of deciet are always very subtle and approach delicite topics in such a circuliar manner that usually the observer loses track of even who's side they are on before the circumference is completed. However, such an one that attempts to put an idea in motion, first must always consider and attempt to overcome all objections, which is the study you are privey to here, proving that plans are being laid to TRAP YOU into such a system!

Click hand picture to right to got the US PATENT for the MARK OF THE BEAST already issued!

If you don't believe the threat is real click on the illuminatti news icon to the right.
That site had GOOD info that I was attempting to link to for your benefit, and it was warning of the soon coming mark of the beast, among other black ops scheduled to be foisted upon an unsuspecting public! Linda Robb ovbiously felt some sort of threat or other unnatural pursuaision for this site to be taken down by her. As far as this webmaster here knows, there has been no forthcoming announcement by her (or anyone else) that she recanted her position, instead just withdrew by reasons known only to her. Your alloted time to have access to the type of information you are viewing on this site is limited.Soon anybody that knows what is going on will be denied access to any media outlets whatsoever. Currently our opposition is only at the THREAT OF FORCE stage, with the occaisional use of it in circumstances wherein the possible political kickback from such is deemed by them to be at acceptable levels.
134] According to the U.S. War College, "These are the capabilities identified as essential to
future reconnaissance, surveillance, and target acquisition (RSTA) technologies in the Army's final
draft Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) Pamphlet 525-xx 'Concept for Information
Operations,' Ft. Monroe, VA: U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command 5/5/94

"Eventually, AMERICANS assumed responsibility for the counter- insurgency paradigm; VIETNAM replaced Malaya and Algeria as the seminal event. The culmination of Cold War-era thinking was the 1990 release of Field Maunual (FM) 100-20/Air Force Pamphlet (AFP) 3-20, 'Military Operations in Low Intensity Conflict.'..." - U.S. ARMY WAR COLLEGE [132]

[NOTE: *This is precisely the state of our nation today. Our government and military are no longer restricting these techniques exclusively to foreign situations or war-time conflicts. They are now being applied to DOMESTIC targets and situations, i.e., "WE THE PEOPLE!" Think about BLACK HELICOPTERS, MIDNIGHT LIVE-AMMO "TRAINING" SORTIES, police "SWAT" teams, the IRS, BATF, and "CHEMTRAILS" - not to mention LAND AND WATER GRABS - as we continue examining this official publication put out by the U.S. Army War College. - OL]

"...The military objective of attacks or raids in a conflict short of war is to damage or destroy high value targets of an adversary in order to seize and maintain the political or military initiative, and to demonstrate U.S. capability and resolve. [133] ...sometimes such operations are covert and executed by unconventional or special operation forces...Emerging RMA technologies should improve the U.S. military's capability in these types of operations. Terrestrial, aerial, and space-based, autonomous, wide-ranging, HIGH-SPEED COLLECTING DEVICES CAPABLE OF ON-BOARD PROCESSING WILL IDENTIFY PRECISE TARGETS AND PROVIDE NEAR-REAL-TIME INFORMATION ABOUT THE ADVERSARY'S DISPOSITIONS.* Distributed INTERACTIVE SIMULATIONS and VIRTUAL REALITY DEVICES will train the forces and be used to rehearse the strikes. And automation-assisted C3 systems will synchronize and control lethal, stand-off, precision-guided weapons systems in near- simultaneous attacks. [134]
"Information technology could be used to conceal the intent to strike and, later, provide the evidence of a successful strike...the potential impact of emerging technology on more 'traditional' operations in conflict short of war such as terrorism, counternarcotrafficking, peace enforcement, and counterinsurgency is more ambiguous...(OK: Here we go!) In the near future every American...could be equipped with an ELECTRONIC INDIVIDUAL POSITION LOCATOR DEVICE (IPLD). The device, derived from the electronic bracelet used to control some criminal offenders or parolees, would continuously inform a CENTRAL DATA BANK of the individuals' locations. Eventually such a device could be PERMANENTLY IMPLANTED UNDER THE SKIN,W...Implantation would help preclude REMOVAL of the device (although, of course, some terrorists might be willing to REMOVE A PORTION OF THE HOSTAGE'S BODY if they knew where the device was implanted). The IPLD could also act as a form of IFFN (identification friend, foe, or neutral)...

[NOTES: *Think about it: we know the globalists are the ones who both own and fund advanced weaponry. Their goal is a one-world government - with them, of course, as the rulers. Q: Who are their enemies? A: The COMMON PEOPLE. So, why would they need to prepare for war against any single nation? All this training and research to create more technologically-advanced weaponry is in prep- aration for their WAR AGAINST THE PEOPLE (i.e., Americans)
W"And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, TO RECEIVE A MARK IN THEIR RIGHT HAND, OR IN THEIR FORHEADS; And no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name." - REVELATION 13:16,17 Recently, I watched with fascination a TV special about this new technology. They showed tiny computer chips that will be embedded in the hand or forehead of customers, which can easily be read by scanners and eliminate the need for cash or credit cards. When the hand is placed over the scanner (or a hand-held scanner is run across the customer's forehead) the information goes into the computerized cash register - which in turn is transmitted to a satellite. EVERYTHING about that person and his history is maintained in one of the HUGE data banks we just read about in the US Army War College handbook. Anything a banker, government agent, doctor, etc, or the military might want to know about you can be obtained through these data banks within minutes. Now comes the big question: HOW DID THE BIBLICAL PROPHETS KNOW ABOUT THIS THOUSANDS OF YEARS AGO? Could it be because there really IS a God - and HE KNEW FROM THE BEGINNING OF TIME exactly how everything was going to END? Hmmm. - OL]

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