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Stop the New World Order!
Stop the New World Order!

The UN.....a strange curiousity!

The old timers of previous generations used to call Satan the Devil the "old UN"

Of course that was before the UN came into existance, but nevertheless those who know the spirit behind the UN, they know the match is perfect!
Canada has long been further down the UN socialist road than the U.S. and now it is getting so bad up there that some of the Christians are LEAVING THE COUNTRY because they fear the Canadian government is going to STEAL THEIR CHILDREN away from them!

What shall we do when the UN is in absolute control>



Just Say NO to the New World Order!

Please click on the pyramid and vote No. If you're fearful of getting on a list, bear in mind the very 1st thing mentioned that keeps our Lords people from heaven is FEAR, which item is mentioned even before all of the other sins! Rev.21:8

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Some of the militia types got parnoid over the concentration camp issue, and started seeing them everywhere. Of course that part of the Agency that is promoting the New World Order encouraged them heartily in that error, thereby discrediting the knowledge they held concerning the conspiracy against us all.Nevertheless, there are many facilities that currently exist that COULD BECOME death houses for those that were decreed to be worthy of death by the system in power. Currently the militia types, the patriots, the outsiders, even the renegades and malcontents, we all have a modicum of safety in that no decree has yet gone out to that effect. It will take the appearance of a SUPPOSED or real God, in order for such a decree to carry enough weight of acceptance that it could be effectively enforced. THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT WILL HAPPEN! And the Christians that have done their homework all know that the "god" that unites mankind toward this effect is NOT GOD, but that old Serpent, the DRAGON!